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Pan-evolutionary and regulatory genome architecture delineated by integrated macro- and microsynteny approach

Yu H#, Li Y #*, Han W, Bao L, Liu F, Ma Y, Pu Z, Zeng Q, Zhang L, Bao Z, Wang S*

Nature Protocols.  2024, 19: 1623–1678.

EDomics: a comprehensive and comparative multi-omics database for animal evo-devo

Wei J#, Liu P#, Liu F#, Jiang A, Qiao J, Pu Z, Wang B, Zhang J, Jia D, Li Y*, Wang S*, Dong B*.

Nucleic Acids Research.  2023, 51: D913-D923.

Ancient homomorphy of molluscan sex chromosomes sustained by reversible sex-biased genes and sex determiner translocation

Han W#, Liu L#, Wang J#, Wei H#, Li Y#, Zhang L#, Guo Z, Li Y, Liu T, Zeng Q, Xing Q, Shu Y, Wang T, Yang Y, Zhang M, Li R, Yu J, Pu Z, Lv J, Lian S, Hu J, Hu X, Bao Z, Bao L*, Zhang L*, Wang S*.

Nature Ecology & Evolution.  2022, 6: 1891-1906.

Biosynthesis of saponin defensive compounds in sea cucumbers

Thimmappa R*, Wang S#, Zheng M#, Misra RC, Huang AC, Saalbach G, Chang Y, Zhou Z, Hinman V, Bao Z, Osbourn A*.

Nature Chemical Biology.  2022, 18: 774-781.

Species-resolved sequencing of low-biomass or degraded microbiomes using 2bRAD-M

Sun Z#, Huang S#,*, Zhu P, Tzehau L, Zhao H, Lv J, Zhang R, Zhou L, Niu Q, Wang X, Zhang M, Jing G, Bao Z, Liu J, Wang S*, Xu J*.

Genome Biology.  2022, 23: 36.

MolluscDB: an integrated functional and evolutionary genomics database for the hyper-diverse animal phylum Mollusca

Liu F, Li Y*, Yu H, Zhang L, Hu J, Bao Z, Wang S*.

Nucleic Acids Research.  2021, 49: D988-D997.

Genomic insights into the origin and evolution of molluscan red-bloodedness in the blood clam Tegillarca granosa

Bao Y#, Zeng Q#, Wang J#, Zhang Z#, Zhang Y#, Wang S#, Wong N#, Yuan W, Huang Y, Zhang W, Liu J, Lv L, Xue Q, Zha S, Peng Z, Yao H, Bao Z, Wang S*, Lin Z*.

Molecular Biology and Evolution.  2021, 38: 2351-2365.

Evolutionary transcriptomics of metazoan biphasic life cycle supports a single intercalation origin of metazoan larvae

Wang J#, Zhang L#, Lian S#, Qin Z#, Zhu X#, Dai X, Huang Z, Ke C, Zhou Z, Wei J, Liu P, Hu N, Zeng Q, Dong B, Dong Y, Kong D, Zhang Z, Liu S, Xia Y, Li Y, Zhao L, Xing Q, Huang X, Hu X, Bao Z, Wang S*.

Nature Ecology & Evolution.  2020, 4: 725-736.

HD-Marker: a highly multiplexed and flexible approach for targeted genotyping of more than 10,000 genes in a single-tube assay

Lv J#, Jiao W#, Guo H#, Liu P, Wang R, Zhang L, Zeng Q, Hu X, Bao Z, Wang S*.

Genome Research.  2018, 28: 1919-1930.

Scallop genome provides insights into evolution of bilaterian karyotype and development

Wang S#, Zhang J#, Jiao W#, Li J#, Xun X#, Sun Y#, Guo X#, Huan P#, Dong B, Zhang L, Hu X, Sun X, Wang J, Zhao C, Wang Y, Wang D, Huang X, Wang R, Lv J, Li Y, Zhang Z, Liu B, Lu W, Hui Y, Liang J, Zhou Z, Hou R, Li X, Liu Y, Li H, Ning X, Lin Y, Zhao L, Xing Q, Dou J, Li Y, Mao J, Guo H, Dou H, Li T, Mu C, Jiang W, Fu Q, Fu X, Miao Y, Liu J, Yu Q, Li R, Liao H, Li X, Kong Y, Jiang Z, Chourrout D*, Li R*, Bao Z*.

Nature Ecology & Evolution.  2017, 1: 0120.

Scallop genome reveals molecular adaptations to semi-sessile life and neurotoxins

Li Y#, Sun X#, Hu X#, Xun X#, Zhang J#, Guo X#, Jiao W, Zhang L, Liu W, Wang J, Li J, Sun Y, Miao Y, Zhang X, Cheng T, Xu G, Fu X, Wang Y, Yu X, Huang X, Lu W, Lv J, Mu C, Wang D, Li X, Xia Y, Li Y, Yang Z, Wang F, Zhang L, Xing Q, Dou H, Ning X, Dou J, Li Y, Kong D, Liu Y, Jiang Z, Li R, Wang S*, Bao Z*.

Nature Communications.  2017, 8: 1721.

Whole-genome restriction mapping by “subhaploid”-based RAD sequencing: an efficient and flexible approach for physical mapping and genome scaffolding

Dou J#, Dou H#, Mu C, Zhang L, Li Y, Wang J, Li T, Li Y, Hu X, Wang S*, Bao Z*.

Genetics.  2017, 206: 1237-1250.

Serial sequencing of isolength RAD tags for cost-efficient genome-wide profiling of genetic and epigenetic variations

Wang S*,#, Liu P#, Lv J, Li Y, Cheng T, Zhang L, Xia Y, Sun H, Hu X, Bao Z*.

Nature Protocols.  2016, 11: 2189-2200.

2b-RAD: a simple and flexible method for genome-wide genotyping

Wang S*,#, Meyer E*,#, McKay JK, Matz MV.

Nature Methods.  2012, 9: 808-810.

Gene co-expression networks in human brain identify epigenetic modifications in alcohol dependence

Ponomarev I*,#, Wang S#, Zhang L, Harris RA, Mayfield RD*.

Journal of Neuroscience.  2012, 32: 1884-1897.

Construction of a high-resolution genetic linkage map and comparative genome analysis for the reef-building coral Acropora millepora

Wang S*, Zhang L, Meyer E, Matz MV.

Genome Biology.  2009, 10: R126.

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