Three PhD students from our laboratory were selected as "Fang Zongxi Future Stars"

On December 7, the FangZongxi Center held the first "Fang Zongxi Future Stars" contest. The PhD students from our lab, Liu Liangjie, Wei Huilan, and Liu Tian, entered the defense session and were eventually awarded. In particular, Liangjie Liu ranked first among all the 21 defending students. The "Fang Zongxi Future Stars" award was established by the Key Laboratory of Marine Biogenetics and Breeding of the Ministry of Education and the Fang Zongxi Center for Marine Evo-Devo of Ocean University of China to commemorate the spirit of Mr. Fang Zongxi, the founder of seaweed genetics, who was determined to devote himself to ocean research for a lifetime. The activity aims to recognize and inspire graduate students who demonstrate exceptional performance and potential in scientific research.


Research group (from left to right: Liu Tian, Liu Liangjie, professor Zhang Lingling, Zhang Lijing, Shu Ya, Wei Huilan)


Liu Liangjie spoke as the representative of the awarded students


Exhibition of the selection posters

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